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Sooo…Drabble ideas?

I’ve already posted two hetalia drabbles here on tumblr (Here and Here, the first link is a GerIta and the second an AmeCan) and I’ve got a couple ideas for another couple of drabbles but I’d like to know which ones I should focus on…and what One-shots (Which are a LOT longer then the drabbles) I should work on too.


1) Canada/Italy (kinda sorta, mostly just friendship) based on HetaOni (angsty and friendshipping).

2) Canada and America centric about Canada waiting for America to meet him (Sad)

3) 2P!Canada/Canada (wut, lol) 2p!Canada finds himself liking this new strange world and his counterpart more then he should.

4) Romano/Germany/Italy.  Romano, after listening to Italy go on and on about Germany, decides to see if he’s really all that great.  He’s not disapointted.

One Shots:

1) Serial Killer!Ivan/Matthew.  AU/human names used.  Matthew is forced to go on a beach trip with Alfred and ends catching the attention of his hotel room’s neighbor who may possibly be a serial killer.  Most likely.  Angsty (like all my stuff, ha), gore-ish, character deaths both mentioned and seen. Gonna be rated M for a reason, ha.

2)Matthew and OC centric.  It was a little depressing to say that his best friend was a little girl who was just as alone as he was but Matthew wouldn’t change these past few months for anything.  Kinda family-ish feel to it.  Matthew kinda sorta adopts the girl.

3) Hetalia/HetaOni Crossover with Higurashi/Umineko.  Italy has gone through so much pain from time loop to time loop but he refuses to give up.  Because of his pain though, something was created from him.  Something that feasts off the pain of others and dies from boredom.  The hatred, the anger, the fear has taken a form.  It has become a Witch.

4) Hetalia crossover with Mother 3.  Lucas knew he shouldn’t have eaten Kumatora’s food because now he’s having weird dreams about being in a field of sunflowers and it’s snowing and there is a very strange and big man standing there smiling at him who calls himself Russia.  Kinda one sided Lucas/Russia

And that’s it.  Please tell me what drabble and what one-shot you’d like to see the most please!  I can probably get through the drabbles quicker but the one-shots will take me a bit, especially with school and work. Please let me know what you think is the best idea~!